Woman discovers boyfriend’s dark past as ‘he thought she was ex’ and beat her in sleep


Stacey Adams, 29, Workington, Cumbria, thought she’d found the man of her dreams – now she sees thug Krys Ritson in her nightmares after he attacked her as she slept because he ‘thought she was his ex’

A woman has bravely told how her boyfriend unleashed a harrowing attack on her as she slept leaving her with a broken eye socket and blood pouring out of her face.

Stacey Adams woke up with a searing pain and found Krys Ritson hovering over her with his fist clenched.

The 29-year-old from Workington, Cumbria, thought she was going to die.

Ritson starting screaming at Stacey – but calling her by his ex’s name.

She was only saved after neighbour’s heard the ordeal and called police.

She was rushed to hospital where she underwent surgery and police later revealed Ritson’s dark past of violence to Stacey.

Here, Stacey shares her ordeal…

Lying on the sofa in my pyjamas, I picked up my phone and logged onto Facebook for my morning nosey. Just then, a friend request popped up.

Krys Ritson.

Seeing his name made me smile and my thoughts flashed back to when we were teenage sweethearts.

I was 14 when I’d met Krys, then 17. Every time he knocked at my door to ask if I wanted to hang out, I got butterflies. He was gorgeous, had a great sense of humour, and though we were young, there was an undeniable spark between us.

We had quickly become an item and spent four amazing months together, before Krys had moved out of the village where we lived.

I’d been so sad to see him go, so I’d thrown myself into studying for my school exams, in an effort to repair the heartbreak.

Now, 12 years later, I had moved to the area where he lived, but I’d never expected him to get in touch.

I tapped the ‘accept’ button and didn’t have to wait long before a message appeared.

Hello beautiful, how you keeping? How’s things?

As though no time had passed, Krys was back in my life and the conversation flowed between us.

Now he was older, he was even more of a charmer and made me feel comfortable enough to talk to him about anything.
Three months later, I was on a night out with the girls. After a few drinks I got out my phone and sent a message to Krys.

Want to come and meet me?

When he arrived, I went outside to see him.

‘It’s been so long,’ I said, hugging him.

‘You look great,’ he said.

I noticed he was shaking.

‘Are you nervous?’ I asked.

‘Yes, I’ve wanted you all my life Stacey,’ he said. ‘I can’t believe you wanted to meet me.’

‘Of course,’ I smiled.

We chatted for a bit, then he came into the pub to meet my friends. He began to relax and soon his banter had all the girls laughing.

After that, we picked up exactly where we’d left off all those years ago. We started spending all our spare time together, going on long walks, having a laugh while bowling and enjoying evenings at the pub.

Soon we decided to make it official and Krys was the perfect boyfriend. We never argued or disagreed about anything.

One day, he sat on the end of my bed, took my hands in his, and looked me in the eyes.

‘I love you more than you will ever know, baby,’ he said.

It was such early days and though I didn’t say it out loud, I was falling for him too. Already I could picture us having a future together.

Even on bad days, it was always Krys that picked me up. I was feeling down in the dumps, when I opened the front door to find Krys standing there clutching an enormous bouquet of flowers.

‘These are to cheer you up princess, to show how much I love you,’ he said.

‘They’re beautiful, thank you so much,’ I beamed.

‘I’m so glad we found each other after all these years,’ he said. ‘I feel like the luckiest man alive.’

Then Krys got some terrible news. Two of his friends had been killed in a car crash. I did my best to comfort him, but he wasn’t coping very well and started taking Valium to help him sleep.

My cheery, loving Krys disappeared and he became gloomy and low. I felt sorry for him and hoped that in time, he would get through this rough patch.

Two weeks later, he was getting ready to go out.

‘You deserve a night out with the lads,’ I said.

Krys grabbed his wallet and gave me a kiss.

‘I’ll see you later princess,’ he said. ‘I love you all the world.’

‘Love you too, I’ll leave the door unlocked for you,’ I replied.

Once he’d gone, I pulled on my pyjamas and got into bed. I’d been craving an early night and it wasn’t long before I drifted off to sleep…


I woke up with a searing pain rippling through my face. My eyes sprung open to see Krys looming over me, his fist clenched.

He’d punched me in the nose and I was pretty sure it was broken.

‘What are you doing?’ I screamed.

‘Lisa*, you fat s**t,’ he shouted. ‘It’s your fault, you’ve split me and Stacey up.’

‘What are you talking about?’ I said. ‘I am Stacey, Lisa is your ex.’

‘Go get my cigarettes!’ he yelled.

Dazed and very confused, I put a hand to my nose and felt warm blood trickle over my hand. As I tried to get up, Krys clambered on top of me. But I managed to knee him in the groin and push him off.

Stumbling out of the bedroom, I gaped at my boyfriend and wondered where my perfect man had gone. In his place was a monster. His eyes looked black, as though he were possessed.

Before I could escape, he grabbed me and thrust me hard against the upstairs bannister. As he did, I hit my head and felt a crack in my chest.

This is it, he’s going to kill me, I thought.

He was still yelling and calling me Lisa as I collapsed to the floor in a heap and curled up to try and protect myself.

Seconds later, he went to lie on the bed and I took my chance to crawl into another bedroom, to get away from him.

What felt like a lifetime later, I heard a thudding on the front door.

‘Open up, it’s the police,’ a voice called.

Relief flooded through me but I daren’t move.

Moments later, I heard the police kick the door down before rushing inside.

I was saved.

The police took one look at the state of me and called for an ambulance. They explained a neighbour had heard our shouting and called 999.

Several officers spoke to Krys in the bedroom before leading him away in handcuffs.

As I was taken to the ambulance, I just couldn’t get my head around how and why he had flipped. He’d never so much as raised his voice before.

At hospital, I was examined and told I had a broken nose, fractured cheekbone and eye socket, and six broken ribs. I was booked in for surgery to fix my face and was allowed home to rest in the meantime.

Later, the police came to speak to me again and dropped a bombshell. Krys had a record for domestic violence on previous partners.

I was stunned. I’d never thought of him as anything other than a complete softie.

The police also told me Krys had claimed he thought he’d hit his ex-girlfriend Lisa and not me. It was only when they showed him photos of me and my injuries that he accepted he’d attacked me, his own girlfriend.

None of it made sense. I just wanted my old boyfriend back, the one who made me feel like a million dollars.

In time, Krys Ritson, then 30, of Whitehaven, appeared at Carlisle Crown Court and admitted causing me grievous bodily harm, as well as damaging another former partner’s phone and fraudulently using her bank card.

The court heard his offending was fuelled by drug abuse, that he had an “appalling” criminal record, particularly for violence, and that a number of these offences were committed in a domestic context.

He was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

I knew he was where he belonged, but I couldn’t help feeling heartbroken.

Now, I still can’t believe what he did. I loved Krys with all my heart, but his abuse has left me a shell of my former self and I find it hard to trust anyone.

If I’d have known he had a history of violence, I would never have accepted him on Facebook that day. I also wish I’d known about Clare’s Law, so I could have used the scheme to check his criminal history. I have since used it on my new partner who thankfully has nothing to hide.

I don’t believe Krys will ever change so I want to warn other women to avoid him. Believe me when I say he won’t be your dream man, but your worst nightmare.

*Lisa’s name has been changed.

Ritson was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

Recorder Kevin Grice said at the time that the recent offences were part of a pattern of behaviour exhibited by Ritson.

He added: “But the references and documents do clearly demonstrate you are beginning to have insight into your problems to address them appropriately and to work with the authorities to help you to solve them. They are an impressive set of references…

“Not only have you tried to help yourself but you are fully motivated to try to help others with the same problems.

“This is, I believe, a first sign that you are beginning to want to put these matters behind you and the accelerating pattern of violence may finally be coming to an end.”

Jan 2018: Krys added Stacey on Facebook.

31st May 2018: Krys attacked Stacey.

July 2018: Krys convicted and sentenced.